Kenya Walking Safari

2 days loldaiga Walking Safari

2 days Chololo Walking Safari

2 days Hell's Gate Walking Safari

3 chogoria Walking Safari

Discover the hidden treasure of the land through embarking on an exhilarating walking safari with

Break away from civilisation and experience the extraordinary  rich natural Kenyan terrain on a walking safari . Here, you will discover the game filled wilderness  in the most intimate way possible. Travelling the spectacular landscapes on foot breaks all boundaries separating you from becoming one with nature. Walking across the expanse of pure and natural landscapes is a unique opportunity that words cannot justifiably describe.

Our walking Safaris traverse beautiful country with geologic structures of immense age that tell stories of a turbulent and rich history beside the Rift Valley. Archeological artifacts like flints, shards, graves and pottery litter much of the ground near our camps and in all this evidence are fascinating stories of an equally turbulent cultural history.

The rich wildlife distinguishes itself  for its diversity of large mammals like the Elephants, the big cats and all the remaining large predators, endangered species thrive here too like the Grevy's Zebra, Wilddogs and Highland Hartebeest

Since conservation and people are directly linked we actively support the communities we work in, by employing local people, paying conservation fees to the local communities.

addition to the rich array of wildlife that those embarking on a walking safari Kenya will come into contact with, the vast expanse of  Kenyan  wilderness.  Sports Wave Africa  walking safari offers guests an incredible experience that seems almost indescribable. To track these fascinating predators whilst simultaneously sighting 350 different species of birds, flora, fauna and insects, would be a truly remarkable experience. Such sights would be missed if travelling in a vehicle; walking the land allows for a completely different perspective.