Horse Ridding in Laikipia

For many people coming on safari means seeing certain animals, the Big 5, as they are known. This select grouping comprises of elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard. This trip offers good odds on checking them all off your list. However, as with all wild things, no guarantees can be made but we can promise you a good time as you search for them.

Starting in Lewa, you will climb into the Loldaiga hills passing through various ranches towards your final destination of Sosian. As you move through the landscape you will stay in different camps, meaning you can explore more of the area and see more of the scenery and wildlife. The length of this trip also means that you have the time to really appreciate your surroundings.

This safari has excellent game viewing opportunities, not withstanding the Big 5, there are numerous other rarer, smaller or more timid species that are just as interesting as their larger, more famous neighbours. Your experienced guides will be able to point these creatures out and make sure you come away from the trip with a memory that will last a lifetime.

This is a ride for experienced riders. You will be riding in remote country in the presence of big game. You should, therefore, be comfortable at all paces, have a secure seat and be a regular rider